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Senior Class

Select A New Club or Organization

B.Gordon     E.Chandler     D.Easley

Class Officers

President - Denver Gentle

Secretary - Mallory Beasley


Vice-President- Tyler Wilkins

Treasurer - Ellie Nolen

Reporter - Kera Price



Parent Meeting - August 29th 5:30 PM    Parent Night Handout


Important Dates
October 1st—Senior dues $20
October 12th --1st Report Card
October 18th – Balfour presentation
 October 19th —Parent/Teacher
 November 2nd --Diploma/cap/gown order
 December 13-15th —Semester Exams
Thu., Feb. 22nd —Senior Miss Pageant 
March 15th —3rd Report Card
Thu., April 26th ---Class Night @ 7PM
Tues., May 22nd @ 8PM--Graduation



These items are due

Last Will example

Photos on a disk may be emailed to

For the Class Night presentation
Due March 30:  your favorite childhood picture (to be scanned - no frames)
Due April 6:  your Last Will and Testament






We, the senior sponsors, want to emphasize just how crucial it is that your child take his/her senior year seriously.  Each student must have 24 units to graduate.  Students must pass Government the first semester, Economics the second semester, and all other required yearly courses.  Students who do not pass the required 24 credits will not march at graduation.

 Please be aware of your child’s grades from the beginning of the year, and remain vigilant throughout the year to avoid disappointment in May.  We look forward to working with each senior and want to make this year at LCHS an enjoyable and productive one.

Senior dues are $20 to cover homecoming, special yearbook section, benevolence fund, Class Night and Graduation, etc.  This is due by October 1st  (pay Mrs. Chandler).  Thank you for your cooperation. 

                                          Senior Sponsors

Diploma information:

  1. Each student pays for his/her diploma, cap, and gown.
  2. If you do not pass all required classes before graduation, the diploma with the May date is void and will be shredded.  Balfour does not refund the cost of voided diplomas.
  3. If you pass your requirements at a later date, contact the guidance office and submit verification along with the cost of the replacement diploma.
  4. All guidelines for issuing diplomas are determined by the State Department of Education in Montgomery.
  5. Attendance-- Please understand how important it is to have regular attendance during this senior year.  It is difficult to keep up with the work you are assigned and make up missed work at the same time.  You do not want to jeopardize graduating by missing too much school.