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Annual Staff - Dates and Deadlines for Seniors


All seniors must turn in a casual picture to be included with the ambition and philosophy by Friday, December 4. This picture should not be a full-body shot; however, it should not be so close that heads are cut off. Forms for the ambition and philosophy will be given out through Coach Nabors’s class at the beginning of November. Any student whose ambition or philosophy shows poor taste or reflects negatively upon our school and/or students will be asked to edit his/hers if the need arises.


If you wish to email pictures, send them to (The email begins with the lowercase letter L, not the number 1.) You may also submit pictures to Mrs. Burks in person or give them to Katelyn Allen, Mallory Bardon, Kendall Galloway, or Hannah Taylor.


Yearbook order forms will be available at the end of March. The orders must be turned in by April 15.

 ***** AD Payments – make checks payable to LCHS

 ¼ PAGE - $50                      ½ PAGE - $100                    FULL PAGE - $200


Senior ads for the yearbook will be available for purchase until Friday, December 4. Remember that this is an opportunity, not a requirement. We realize that the cost may seem high, but we use the money from senior ads and business ads to help cover the additional cost of having the yearbook published. (Each book actually costs around $90, but we sell them for $50.) You may share an ad with another senior. If you share one, the payment and the pictures and messages must be turned in together.

 The pictures and messages to be used in the Ads should be turned in by December 4. When you turn these in, you may turn in a sketch of how you want the ad to look, or you may leave it to the discretion of the annual staff. You may also include directions about cropping pictures, but it is NOT necessary to cut pictures before turning them in. For better quality, it is suggested that scanned pictures be bigger. All pictures will be returned. You may also bring in digital pictures on a cd or flash drive. Please keep the size of the ad in mind when determining how many pictures to include. (Lots of pictures can’t fit in a small space.) You may also include requests for a background, certain types of clip art, or a particular shape for your pictures. If there is a problem with turning in all of your pictures by December 4, please see Mrs. Burks.

Please keep these deadlines in mind. Thank you.