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LCHS Awards Ceremony (grades 7-11)
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Monday, May 07, 2018
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Good Citizenship Boys and Girls

7th Grade – Chauncey Hollis and Chloe Gottwald

8th Grade – Mason Maddox and Annah Kate Lacey

9th Grade – Shemar Sudduth and Addison Beasley

10th Grade – Micah Carter and Leia Bradford

11th Grade – Adam Hollis and Madison Hankins


LCHS 2018 Girl’s State and Boy’s State Representatives

Keionna Lucky and Tristin Slone


Academic Teams

2018 overall school winner and two subject winners

Social Studies - Gable Allred, Dalton Johnson, Matthew Morris

Science - Jonathan Cunningham, Tristin Slone

Brooklyn Pennington – Language Arts

Mathematics - J. T. Shackelford, Abby Stephens


 Academic  Awards

Social Studies

  • Civics/Geography 7    Sydney Vann
  • World History 8    Ethan Wilkins
  • World History 9    Addison Beasley
  • U. S. History 10    Ashtan Moore
  • U. S. History 11    Jonathan Cunningham


  • Science 7    Sydney Vann
  • Science 8    Ethan Wilkins
  • Biology    Noah Denton
  • Chemistry    Mica Peeks, Taye Buchanan
  • Honors Chemistry    Ashtan Moore
  • Physical Science    Leia Bradford
  • Anatomy & Physiology    Jonathan Cunningham
  • Environmental Science    Tori McNees, Dalton Avent


  • Math 7    Jenna Berry, Sydney Vann, Tezzie Jo Robertson
  • Math 8    Ethan Wilkins
  • Algebra IA     Shemar Sudduth, Montana Vail
  • Algebra IB    Leia Bradford
  • Honors Algebra I   Noah Denton
  • Honors Geometry    Ashtan Moore
  • Geometry    Tori McNees
  • Algebra II / Trig.  Jonathan Cunningham, Madison Hankins, Abby Stephens

English, Spanish, and Music

  • English 7    Katherine Collins
  • English 8    Annah Kate Lacey
  • English 9    Kenna Stockman
  • Honors English 9    Noah Denton
  • English 10    Leia Bradford
  • Honors English 10    Lindsie Jo Moseley, Ashtan Moore
  • English 11    Tori McNees
  • Honors English 11    Jonathan Cunningham
  • Instrumental Music    Jonathan Cunningham, Tristin Slone, J. T. Shackelford
  • Spanish I    Ashtan Moore
  • Spanish II    Katelyn McNair, Brooklyn Pennington

Vocational, Technology etc.

  • Intro to Agriscience    Macy Allen, Abby Butler,Katherine Collins
  • Agriscience Exploration    Teri Frost, Macy Hankins, Brianna Lyons
  • Food and Nutrition    Madison Hankins
  • Computer 7    Alayah Poole, Elijah Gaspar
  • Technology Education    Olivia Hattaway
  • Career Preparedness    Jesus Casas, Noah Denton, Addie Beasley, Montana Vail, Allie Jo Sprouse
  • Computer Apps    Keionna Lucky


Honor Rolls

All A's for grading periods 1-3

All A's and B's for grading periods 1-3


Perfect Attendance

Karly Slone

Jesus Casas

Anai Casas

Jonathan Cunningham






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