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Student Locker Rental

Locker rental fee is $20.  Summer rental days will be announced.  Students may rent a locker from their homeroom teacher after school begins.


Student Parking Decals

Students should present the following to the school bookkeeper in order to get a parking decal:

·         a valid driver's license

·         proof of insurance

·         $25 - Deadline September 1st    (A late fee will be added after the deadline.)


a.      The parking pass should be hung on the rear view mirror so that it is easily visible.

b.      The speed of vehicles in the parking area should NOT exceed 10 MPH.

c.       Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts.

d.      Students are cautioned NOT to leave valuables in their vehicles.

e.      Students must enter the building upon arriving on campus.

f.        Permission will be granted by office personnel for students to go to their vehicle during the school day.

g.      The school is not responsible for damages to or theft from vehicles.  Parking a vehicle on campus is a privilege. Students may lose the privilege of parking on campus for a specified period of time or indefinitely for any infraction of these rules or for the improper operation of a vehicle on the school's campus.

h.      Vehicles parked on campus are subject to search. This may be done without consent or notification.